Our Story

In 2001, our founder, DayNa Decker, made the decision to transform the world in which we experience candles and illuminating objects. Raised in North Dakota, she experienced the warmth and affection of a burning fireplace in her home year round. After traveling the world as a fashion model for many years and living in urban apartments, she missed the feeling of an alluring, crackling fireplace. DayNa’s mission was for everyone globally to experience the beauty and modern brilliance of an illuminating fireplace anytime, anywhere.

With her innate design sensibility, cultured background and the desire to create innovative products with unprecedented design and multi-sensory experiences, she founded Lumetique.

Today, Lumetique is the leader in developing trend-setting olfactory products for the home. Its patented, proprietary technologies reinvent the familiar through the rare combination of natural elements, inventive functionality and revolutionary design. A trailblazer in the development of several proprietary technologies that enhance the overall functionality of candles and oil lamps, Lumetique maintains numerous patents and trademarks in the US and internationally.

As the inventor and leading licensee of its “Luminesse” and “wooden wick” technologies, Lumetique licenses its products and know-how to manufacturers and well-known brands globally. Over the past 10 years, sales of Lumetique’s innovations have surpassed $4 billion in retail sales worldwide.

An evolution from ancient candle technology, Lumetique has created a new standard in modern-day ambiance and illumination.